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Refund Application Form – Instant online submission

Please complete the online refund application form ensuring that you have uploaded all of the relevant documentation in support of your refund application, before submitting.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to apply for a refund by post, please download the refund application form, print it out and return it (along with all of the relevant supporting documentation) to: TicketPlan, Leigh House, Broadway West, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 2DD.

Online applications are received immediately and are our preferred method of submission.






Download Medical FormDOWNLOAD

Please ensure that you attach the following documentation in support of your refund application (where appropriate only):

  • Original unused tickets where applicable
  • Confirmation of your payment for Booking Refund Protection (your booking confirmation)
  • A completed medical confirmation form. Submission of our own medical confirmation form is preferred. We will consider other medical documents but these may not be adequate for our needs. (Download medical form template)
  • Death certificate (please do not post original documents)
  • Evidence of breakdown or disruption to public transport
  • Evidence of breakdown of private transport
  • Evidence of the Emergency Services attending your residence in the event of burglary or fire
  • Original witness summons instructing you to appear in court
  • Original invitation to attend jury service
  • Original advice to travel at short notice on military service
  • Written confirmation from the police or other government agency advising against travel due to adverse weather

Any other reasonable documentary evidence that might be required



The ticketholder (the person who has purchased Booking Refund Protection) must answer all questions below. Please answer all questions clearly and concisely to avoid misunderstanding or delay.


1. Your details

Country of Residence
Post/Zip code
Telephone (home)
Telephone (daytime)
Telephone (mobile/cell)
Email Address
Confirm Email Address

2. Details of booking (Include package details if relevant)

Date of purchase


Ticket Vendor
(who you purchased the tickets from)
Booking reference No.
Event/Part(s) of Package
Date of Event/Part(s) of Package
Cost of tickets/part(s) of package that are the subject of this refund application
Cost of booking fee
Cost of TicketPlan Protection
Number of ALL persons due to attend Event/Part(s) of package
Names of ALL persons due to attend Event/Part(s) of package
Number of ALL persons unable to attend Event/Part(s) of package
Names of ALL persons unable to attend Event/Part(s) of package
When did you become aware that you were unable to attend the Event/Part(s) of Package?

3. Refund application details

Please complete the section which is relevant to your application.

If your situation does not fit within the options available, please select the 'other' option and provide full details in the box provided.

A. Injury/Illness - Please be advised we will require the completion of the Medical confirmation form. Download the Medical form

Identity of the person who suffered the injury/illness
If this person was not attending the event/parts of package please indicate their relationship to you
Nature of injury/illness
How injury occurred
Date on which medical attention was first sought for illness/injury?
Why did the injury/illness prevent this person from attending the Event/Part(s) of the Package?

B. Bereavement - Please be advised we will require a copy of the death certificate to be attached.

Identity of the deceased
If not attending the event /part(s) of package with you please indicate their relationship to you
Date and cause of death
When was medical advice/treatment first sought for the medical condition causing death

C. Unexpected disruption of the public transport network - Please note we will require official notification of breakdown from the service provider

Details of the planned journey
Please give details of the cause of the disruption and how your journey was affected

D. Breakdown, accident, fire or theft of Private vehicle - Please note we will require a vehicle recovery service report, incident report or copy of garage repair bill to be attached as appropriate

Details of vehicle concerned
Details of planned journey
Details of when you left home
Location of incident
Date and time of incident
Details of incident
Please provide details in the box below and attach supporting documentation as appropriate

PLEASE NOTE: The Booking Refund Protection service only provides a refund following a cancellation that results from specific/listed circumstances and is subject to the Terms and Conditions provided at the time of purchase. If you are applying as a result of a circumstance that is not listed, it is likely that your application will fall outside the scope of the Booking Refund Protection service.


Attach your files

Please note that only one file can be attached per upload box. The file name selected will appear within the box and can be changed if incorrect.

Supporting documents are preferred in English.

If you are having difficulty in attaching documents or are unable to attach all the evidence needed, please email additional items to refunds@ticketplangroup.com providing your TicketPlan reference number. (The reference number will be emailed to you immediately following submission of the online form).

Supporting Documentation
e.g. a completed medical confirmation form or other medical document where your refund application is for injury or illness. Scanned copies or photos may be acceptable.
Booking Confirmation/Confirmation of
Booking Refund Protection Purchase
Un-used Tickets if available
scanned copies or photos of un-used tickets may be acceptable
Any additional documents

Please ensure that you have provided all requested supporting documentation. We are unable to process any refund applications which are not fully documented.

If necessary/appropriate, please provide additional details in relation to the documentary evidence attached


Refund Payment

Ideally we would like to credit funds directly into your Bank Account. Please note we are unable to refund using credit/debit card details. Could the ticket holder please provide the following details:

Bank name
Sort Code or BIC/SWIFT code for accounts outside of the UK
Account Number or IBAN (as applicable)
Account held in the name of

TicketPlan cannot be held responsible if incorrect banking details are provided.

Please note: The account holder is liable for bank charges levied by the receiving bank.



In submitting this form I declare that the information I have provided above is true to the best of my knowledge. Any refund made as a result of any knowingly incorrect statement made by me or on my behalf shall be invalid and may result in subsequent action being taken against me. I agree that any copy made of this form shall have the validity of the original.

I agree to the use of my data (including any sensitive personal data) submitted as part of this refund application form being used in accordance with the Privacy Policy I confirm that I have the consent of any applicable persons due to attend the event with me whose data I am submitting as part of this refund application form in regards to the same.

For verification purposes, please slide the blue arrow all the way to the right.


If you are experiencing difficulties in submitting your application or have a technical query in relation to your application please see the FAQs section above which will hopefully answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, if your query is of a more specific nature please click the Need Help button below.




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