What should I do if I am unable to attend a booked event and have purchased TicketPlan Booking Refund Insurance?

If you need to cancel your booking, you need to complete a Refund Claim Form either online by visiting www.ticketplangroup.com/axs (this method will ensure the fastest turnaround) or write to us at TicketPlan, Leigh House, Broadway West, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 2DD, in order to request a refund claim form for submission by post.

Are there any instances in which I cannot claim for a refund via TicketPlan Booking Refund Insurance?

Please refer to the TicketPlan Booking Refund Insurance Policy and supporting documentation for instances in which a refund is not available.

What evidence do I need to provide when making a claim via TicketPlan Booking Refund Insurance?

You or members of a group due to attend the booked event with you may be asked to provide the following at your/their own expense:

  • Original unused tickets where applicable
  • Confirmation of your payment for Booking Refund Insurance (your booking confirmation)
  • A completed medical confirmation form. Submission of our own medical confirmation form is preferred. We will consider other medical documents but these may not be adequate for our needs. (Download medical form template)
  • Death certificate (please do not post original documents)
  • Evidence of breakdown or disruption to public transport
  • Evidence of breakdown of private transport
  • Evidence of the Emergency Services attending your residence in the event of burglary or fire
  • Original witness summons instructing you to appear in court
  • Original invitation to attend jury service
  • Original advice to travel at short notice on military service
  • Written confirmation from the police or other government agency advising against travel due to adverse weather

Any other reasonable documentary evidence that might be required


How will my Refund Claim be processed?

Once a Refund Claim Form has been completed either online or returned in hard copy form (along with all supporting documentation that has been requested to verify your claim), you will receive a refund payment.

Please see the TicketPlan Booking Refund Insurance Policy and supporting documentation for full details.

What should I do if I have a specific query in relation to my claim?

If you have a specific query in relation to your claim, or you are having difficulties in submitting your claim, please click here. This will generate an email, enabling you to provide us with details relating to your specific query.